National Telework Week


After the great success of last year's National Telework Week, the Australian government will be looking at holding another one this year from 18 to 22 November 2013 to raise awareness of the opportunities, and provide training material to get people involved in working from home.

National Telework Week 2012 was a great success with employees, businesses, organisations and communities tuning in, turning up, or going online to join the over 30 events being held across Australia the workforce of the future!

National Telework Week 2012 began with the Telework Congress which was presented by a range of Telework Partners and the Department of Communications and over 225 participants. The week saw over 4,000 participants and over 250 news articles about the new way of working.

This year the Telework Partners and Telework team will be bringing you a Telework training kit to help employees and employers join in the anywhere working world. Throughout the week the Telework team will be encouraging Australians to telework and the Telework Partners promoting the benefits of telework through their own communication channels and stakeholder engagement activities. To find out more, or to become a partner, visit our Partners page.

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