Tools For Successful Telework

On this page you will find information about and links to a range of different tools and training material you or your organisation can use to support the successful implementation of teleworking arrangements. These resources have been developed in collaboration with a variety of different telework partner organisations. The key resources are the Telework Kit and the different tools which form part of it, and the Telework Training Program.

The Telework Kit

Using the Telework Kit and other resources, participants will learn about telework as part of the flexible workplace of the future. They will learn how telework can transform how and where we work and how that transformation is part of the wider transition to a more robust digital economy. Participants will work with various learning tools to understand how telework might provide a competitive advantage and change their social, corporate and workplace environment.

Key tools that participants can use to learn more about how to successfully implement telework can be found on the Key tools for telework page.

The Telework Training Program

The Telework Training Program is intended for facilitators, staff developers and workshop planners who conduct professional staff development. The Program includes three workshops which aim to support the provision of information, guidance and training on successfully implementing telework, and which each have a specific focus—to provide an overview of telework, managing telework, and successful teleworking respectively.

The Telework Training Program is made up of three training workshops. Information and training materials relating to these workshops are available on the Telework Training Program page at: